AKG Public School | CBSE School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

AKGPS follows the CBSE curriculum which has been framed to be child centric. The children are encouraged to be independent, thereby developing their critical thinking and problem-solving capability. Activity-based approaches are adapted to make learning an enjoyable part of the child’s life.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is done throughout the year as per norms laid by the Central Board. We have a grading system for assessing the overall performance of children. The academic year is divided into 2 terms. Regular slip tests and 2-cycle tests are conducted in each term for Grades I and II while regular slip tests, one Unit Test, one Mid Term Test and one Semester Test are conducted for Grades III and above for each term. We believe in giving more emphasis on the child’s listening, speaking and reading skills, thereby improving his/her writing skills.

The medium of instruction is English. At the second and third language level, the school offers Hindi and Tamil as alternatives.